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  • Tachycardia: an abnormally fast pulse rate.
  • Tetrapyrrole: the four pyrrole rings joined together. Porphyrins and heme are a type of tetrapyrrole.
  • Tissue: a group of cells that have a similar structure and function.
  • Trade name: the name that companies use to identify their drug when others make the same drug.   There is only one official technical name, which is its generic name. It is therefore important to find out the correct generic name for your drug before searching our lists, as you will not find the trade name listed here.
  • Transferrin saturation: the percentage of iron-binding sites occupied by iron on the major iron-carrier protein in blood, transferrin.
  • Transplantation: the removal of an organ from one person and placement in another person.
  • Triggering event:  an episode that causes a reaction or illness.