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  • Inborn error of metabolism:  a genetic disorder affecting body metabolism.
  • Incidence: the number of new cases of a specific disease occurring during a certain period of time in a population at risk for developing that disease.
  • Inherit(ed): receive(d) a characteristic from a parent by genetic transmission.
  • Inhibition: the act of slowing down or preventing a chemical reaction.
  • Interferon: a drug used in managing many diseases, directs the immune system's attack on viruses, bacteria, tumors and other foreign substances that may invade the body.
  • Intermediates: a product that is formed from one reaction and reacts further to make another product.
  • Intravenous: given to a patient by injection into a vein.
  • Intron: a sequence of DNA in a gene in between the exons; these sequences may be involved in the regulation of a protein.
  • Investigation: an in-depth study.
  • Iron: an important component of hemoglobin, involved in the transport of oxygen to tissues in the body.
  • Isomers: compounds of identical composition but having different 3D structures.